Why Mercedes' F1 Car is Unbeatable

29. Ruj 2020.
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Mercedes AMG Petronas has the most wins out of any F1 team of the last Decade. With 6 back to back World Constructors Championships and a 7th on the way (lets be honest), the Toto Wolff pack has been smashing the competition. It's not just the talents of Lewis Hamilton, Nico Rosberg, and Valtteri Bottas that have been getting the Silver Arrows the points though. Each of the V6 turbo hybrid era Mercedes F1 cars has been a dominant machine. In this video Jeremiah is going to dive deep into the tech of what makes the Mercedes AMG Petronas team so fast. From their unique approach to aerodynamics, to engine cooling, to the wild innovations that they've brought to the track. If you want to find out how the Mercedes keeps on winning, this is the place.
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  • americans wandering what is formula 1

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  • As one of my fellow viewers said, the explanation about aero was wholesome, engaging and fascinating. Though I found the engine/power unit explanation the coolest. Bravo, Donut Media!

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  • The innovative and different engineering of the power unit, steering system (DAS) as well as the aero goes to show the technical prowess of Mercedes. It is surprising because it is so wonderful and impressive, and it is unsurprising because, well, its Mercedes. They practically invented the car. They are the ones to have renewed car features countless times. They are, and have always been the best at it.

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  • Here’s my biggest gripe with formula 1 today... Ferrari have an engine in 2018-2019 that’s questionably quick down the straights. Everybody points fingers at them to be cheating. Not possible they can be that quick and still be legal. An investigation is launched, a settlement is reached, but we never actually found out exactly what went on. Ferrari are now basically bottom feeders. The conspiracy theorists laugh at Ferrari saying they got what they deserved for cheating. HOWEVER... Mercedes win literally every single thing possible for 7 years straight and virtually uncontested, yet nobody questions this at all. Nobody bats an eye at it. Nobody seems to care. Nobody questions if Mercedes are cheating having had won EVERYTHING FOR YEARS STRAIGHT WITHOUT BARELY EVEN A CHALLENGE. I call BS on formula 1. I do not believe that this is legitimate.

    Steve YoungSteve YoungPrije 4 dana
  • Not sure if it was just me or not but right as you said it.... Bam. Advert.. Good play HRworld...

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  • if they put fan blades on wheels to suck further air from the bottom of the car would that considered a movable aerodynamic device??

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  • *Money talks. When you have the support of the most lucrative sales from Mercedes and the most corrupted directors from petronas!*

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  • I'm not gonna lie, I didn't like Jeremiah in the beginning but I like him more and more every time I watch an episode, I like his no-nonesense way of explaining stuff, and then every once in a while throwing a joke in.

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  • Theres nothing "roaring" about a current Mercedes F1 engine.

    Nate BrubakerNate BrubakerPrije 5 dana
  • Since Williams and Racing Point (and next year McLaren too) are also using the Mercedes engine, you should point out, that aerodynamics are more important than a good engine.

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  • One more reason merc is always winning is due to a guy named Louis Hamilton . That guy is intensely competitive and never willing to lose or give up.🔥

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  • Hamilton changes the toe in and out there is an obscure video about it im lame i cant find it at the moment . Those o f us who have wailed on a shifter cart more than once really understand the nuance of the slip angle on the front wheels... great video dude

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  • i think mercedes dindt used DAS system this season

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  • The #1 failure of these engines is that non of the R&D goes into the domestic market. The whole point of The V6 platform was to encourage development from manufactures to become more efficient and greener. But as we see theses engines are just too complicated and advanced to even cross any of this technology to road cars. Its will and good to chase down thermal efficacy but when your pushing the limits of not just engineering but also physics, its just making cars more unreliable and expensive. This technology might be useful to NASA or spaceX, but not for us. So this engine is a failure to the Sport and has just turned away dedicated fans. Hopefully they have leant there lesson on this and start focusing on what they can do to bring more manufactures to the sport. My opinion Is to just limit everyone on a fuel limit to 60 laps and allow them to use what ever engine they want.

    MuckmanMuckmanPrije 6 dana
  • If this knowledge is common place, why are the other teams not applying it?

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  • It's unbeatable because they got handed regulations completely biased towards their preferences or they would've left F1. FIA and F1 couldn't need that at the time so they sacrificed a sport for keeping Mercedes in. Here we are, 7 years later and since then, no new constructors have even thought about joining F1. Let alone the cheating that has been condoned by the FIA without any comments from the English media. 🙂

    CescoCescoPrije 7 dana
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  • 12:40 about toe which you explained, actually it is the opposite. Toe Out: Decrease oversteer. Toe In: Increase oversteer. If you guys don't believe me then try both toe config into your car.

    VireVirePrije 8 dana
  • If Merc not using mechanical steering. Honda surely beat them

    guz3108guz3108Prije 8 dana
  • Your DAS explanation is wrong. It does adjust camber of the wheels, yielding fatser straight line speed because then, the wheels that are aligned straight, exactly like the rear wheels. In the corners, the front wheels’ vertical axis is no longer 90 degree with the surface but the top of the front wheels are leaning towards each other while the bottom of the wheels, where they are hitting the track, is wider from each other.

    Lorenzo SchoovaertsLorenzo SchoovaertsPrije 8 dana
  • Party mode is not about efficiency of the power unit, the secrete is in burn oil. Mercedes in 2018/2019 didn't have the better engine and DAS doesn't make so much differences. The gap which Mercedes create with all other teams is built on Aereodynamics e frame.

    leonardo biscontinileonardo biscontiniPrije 8 dana
  • German efficiency is god

    Hyper EricHyper EricPrije 8 dana
  • Why did you make complicated explanation? It's simply because other cars are much slower. Period.

    Arif RakhmanArif RakhmanPrije 8 dana
  • Mercedes proved they were the best when they made the first flying car in 1999

    This DudeThis DudePrije 9 dana
  • As a Malaysian and owning a Proton Saga 2019. I never use engine oil other than Petronas. Currently they had Cooltech fluid. Dude..... I go from Bintulu to Kuching which is 13 hours trip, 30minutes rest in each district, 418km in total. Touch the engine hood, and open up the front hood. I only felt warm "gust" from the engine upon opening the hood. Petronas is damn good.. Oh, I fuelled my car with Petronas RON95&RON97. Damn money saving. The whole trip only cost me RM60 of fuel. With car in 1.3 VVT engine.

    • @Just another Malaysian a friend told me that it's fragile. Is this true ?

      ESH 28ESH 28Prije 7 dana
    • @ESH 28 Proton Saga is pretty much the budget alternative to many foreign cars. It is not excellent, but it's enough to satisfy one's need. Not to mention that the 1st Gen Proton Saga became the most popular car in Britain for a year or two

      Just another MalaysianJust another MalaysianPrije 7 dana
    • What is the pros & cons of driving a Proton Saga ? Been considering of buying 1

      ESH 28ESH 28Prije 7 dana
  • I like the was you broke this down. Is LH44 an angel?

    Frank JohnFrank JohnPrije 9 dana