Nissan VQ Engine - The Science Explained

14. Srp 2020.
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Just like the Chevy LS1, the Nissan VQ engine is a cheap, reliable way to make a bunch of power. This engine is also extremely versatile, which is why it’s found in a bunch of different Nissan models. It’s one of the reasons we bought two identical 350zs a while ago. You can tune ‘em, hoon ‘em, and boom them - and nothing matters, such is life. Now there are various VQ models but we're gonna focus on the VQ35HR, or “High Rev” cuz it’s the creme de la creme of VQs. This updated version of the VQ35DE is almost completely redesigned, with 80% of the internals being strengthened and reconfigured to handle a higher rev range. Other iconic engines like the 2JZ or RB26 might be able to handle more power and more compression, but the VQ35HR holds a little baby secret: it’s lighter than all of them. It's time for some B2B Engineering on the Nissan VQ.
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    • Do a review on the BMW B58 engine

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    • Dude. Ill work for free. I swear. Just say the word and im in the infiniti omw

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  • I love the VQ in my 08 Maxima 3.5SE. It’s smooth. Powerful. Reliable. And mine DOESNT BURN OIL. Yes, it is attached to the CVT, but it’s attached to the GOOD one with the steel band/chain. I’ve seen these specific engine/trans models break 250K miles. And I only paid $1100 for mine. Fucking steal. Plus, ignoring the rust lol.... it’s a damn good looking car.

    Ryan MarshallRyan MarshallPrije 14 sati
  • donut media school. now thats my kinda school

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  • Best 4 cylinder: Honda K series Best inline six: Toyota 2JZ. Best V6: Nissan VQ series Best V8: GM LS series Worst engines list: Worst 4 cylinder: GM Quad 4 Worst inline six: GM 4200 Worst V6: Chrysler 2.7 V6 and Ford 3.5 and 3.7 fwd engines. Worst V8: BMW V8 with Vanos and/or Valvetronic.

  • You know what would be cool? A video on a monster truck

    Gary StumpGary StumpPrije 2 dana
  • You guys lost me at smooth. 5+ year owner of a 370Z, and it is one of the most coarse engines I've experienced lol. And no, nothing is damaged or wrong with mine 😉 ALSO, yes I understand it's a different VQ, but still, a VQ.

    Gregory MarshGregory MarshPrije 2 dana
  • Also just a nit pick but the gears don't grind it's the engagement teeth on the syncros that make the noise when the friction pads wear out.

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  • I prefer the other guy to host these shows. Seems like when this guy does them therr are more advertisements

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  • God... you just got so much wrong with that secondary engine imbalance description. Good illustrations but damn, that was the worst description of secondary imbalance I've ever heard. But no hate, it is complex stuff. I know your heart is in the right place. First, you are right about how counterweights make side to side motion for the engine. But those are unrelated to secondary imbalance. Secondary forces go back and forth twice as often as primary forces. That's why balance shafts are geared to spin twice the speed of the crank. The piston does go faster at the top of the cylinder, and that is the cause of secondary imbalance in something like an inline 4. But the better way to think about it is that the piston spends more time below the halfway point in its stroke than it does above it. Since the engine is in primary balance, the piston has another piston that goes up and down opposite of it. But since the piston is moving down more of the time than it's opposite piston is moving up, The primary balance of the pistons is imperfect. It's not a perfect sine wave, so they don't cancel out, there are remaining vibrations because there's more under the curve than over it. Inline sixes have a method of primary balance that creates no secondary imbalance from the pistons.

    Max GoldbergMax GoldbergPrije 4 dana
    • Oh dear God. I'm bailing. The pistons do not fire together like that in an inline six. FFS this is ridiculous. When the piston fires is irrelevant. It doesn't fire every time it comes up unless it's a 2 stroke engine. The cylinders fire in the order 153624. That jumps back and forth across the engine, not firing at the same time. "you should start a school". The actual fuck? You're just lying to people who don't know any better. This stuff is easy to learn from Wikipedia, you could have just read the Wikipedia page in monotone and made a better video. I'm sorry. I'm out. This is hurting me to watch. If you ask me, you have a journalistic duty to report on how flawed the descriptions are here.

      Max GoldbergMax GoldbergPrije 4 dana
  • at first i hated your voice reminding me of a fast and furious annoying fan boy but after watching donut media you are alright and entertaining

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  • Love my FX35. That engine is a gem.

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  • Wait, I’m a mechanic and that whole thing with the piston moving faster on the top 90° rotation only makes no sense. Yeah, the piston move linearly faster in an arc of rotation, but the point which it moves faster linearly in the [relative] vertical direction will be in the middle stroke area, such as between 30° and 150°. The piston rod-piston mechanism, when connected to a flywheel (for easier visualization. It works the exact same way for a crankshaft because the crankshaft doesn’t move in an elliptical motion), causes the piston to move downwards and upwards slower as it approaches and leaves the 0° and 180° positions, because the piston rod it not pushing the piston upwards or downwards as much and instead the rod in turning horizontally as it goes around the flywheel. Then, when the rod reaches 180° rotation/top dead center, the rod now will gradually move less horizontally and move vertically as the arc of rotation approaches 270° where it maxes out in vertical speed. The only scenario where the video is at least kind of correct is if the crankshaft spot that the piston rod connects to is rotating off center to the center of rotation of a normal crankshaft, which has never been done and is extremely complicated if attempted.

    KewloshKewloshPrije 6 dana
  • This video has 1,000,020 views

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    • @KAKE no i know, I was confused why you mentioned q50s when gs did it first lol

      Joe CarsellaJoe CarsellaPrije 7 dana
    • @Joe Carsella they do, i own a 03 g35 sedan and 2014 q50

      KAKEKAKEPrije 7 dana
    • Because g35s didn't offer a sedan? I'm confused

      Joe CarsellaJoe CarsellaPrije 7 dana
  • The down side is the "Great" MPG they get for such small displacement

    IeakiIeakiPrije 9 dana
  • Jk41b vs cd009 which is better??

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  • Engineering Explained would approve.

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  • 2 HRworld ads and 2 minutes later still waiting for the show

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  • The piston does not travel farther on the top of the crank rotation vs the bottom. This is completely inaccurate.

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  • this kind of videos makes everything more expensive for US

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  • Too bad they burn oil and have timing chain issues. Otherwise it would be an average motor.

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  • My g knocks for like 3 seconds on startup but never when driving. Anyone else have that problem?

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    • Yep my maxima does this

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  • VQ35DE Gang cause I couldn't afford an HR lol

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  • this engen come in the infiniti fx35 2008 ???

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  • Track ID anyone ?

  • that RC51 gets my subscribe.

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  • IF you want cheap, powerful, and reliable you get an old US V8 or big-inch I6. I can squeeze 500HP out of a 350 V8 for less money than just the purchase price of a bone stock VQ. Also the V8 sounds better and will last longer. A LOT longer. Like seriously, smallblock chevies have been known to go nearly 100k miles on a spun rod bearing.

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  • What engine is in the new frontier... the 3.8L?

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  • The engine is not as efficient as advertise.

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  • I got a 07 g35 it’ sounds amazing and it’s quick I was a fan back in the day with the maxima but now omg

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  • broo you got a buncha dirt on your face

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  • You're telling about how wonderful this engine is. Just tell us, from how many engines, ideas were taken by nissan, to make this engine !!!

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  • Gears do not share synchros, the share slide hubs. Think about it, have you ever had a car with a bad synchro? Notice how it only affects one gear? Fuck me, for as silly and knowledgeable you try to come across as, you really are only silly. Then you even implied it the very next statement. How could gears share synchros when they have differing amounts? 3 is not equal to 2. Lame....

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  • 02:17 Renault ESCAPE?!?! LOL, don't you mean Espace

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  • In line 6 is better self balance I live Australia check it out 😉350+nm

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  • I don't know if it's more appropriate to say that Nolan Ruined that Z, or that plasti-dip ruined that Z.

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  • VQ engines sound like ass 🤮😂

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  • These bad boys aren’t in the g35 model aye boys?

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    • Nissan máxima 2000 vq30 2002-2005 vq35 350Z VQ30HR 300zx VG30DE & VG30DETT

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    • Are on g35

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  • If only a HR would fit in my 03 track edition 350Z

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    • for real tho the quality of this video is very good. models diagrams graphics. real nice job

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  • 13:50 you guys showed a bike up-shifting instead of down-shifting

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  • First few seconds "that won't break your wallet" STOP THE CAP BRUH STOP DA CAP!!

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  • Many Japanese automotive manufacturer's make superb V6's like Hondas J series, and Toyota' s 1MZ,and newer GR Series. None of wich have had more " Performance mass development " than the Vq Series, and now the Evolution of the " VR" Series Beast! NISSAN put alot of time,and thought into this power plant knowing it will need to power many models, in different configurations. And there we're many 1st debuts with this. Like 1st micro polished piston chambers in a mass production . Etc. AND FOR THOSE WHO DONT KNOW, NISSAN'S VQ FAMILY OF V6'S WHICH THE VR IS BASED OFF OF ,AND POWERS THE ALLMIGHTY GTR WAS NAMED OF OF WARD AUTO WORLDS 10 BEST ENGINES 10 YEARS STRAIGHT! DEFINITELY ONE OF JAPANS,AND THE WORLDS BEST 6CYL ENGINES EVER!

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    • Love to hear it‼️ VQ gang lmaooo

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  • The video would be better with less head bobbing and bodiliy jerking.

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  • -having to remove the entire front end just to do the timing chain with a proper seal Nissan should stop making V6 engines because they are a pain

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  • I overpaid for a truck last year. I used to daily a 2015 Kawasaki Vulcan S SE ABS. Bought my first truck for $1500. Made it 7 miles and it caught fire. Lesson in this, avoid the crappy Ford 400 for it's 80k mile limitations.

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  • I have an ls2 better than the ls1 but not as well known but not as good as an ls3 :( but anyways the VQ is nice!!

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  • You know why it is so good. Its a Renault engine from the time when they won formula 1. With Fernando Alonso. Renault and Nissan are one big company ✌

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  • Donut hopping on the Nissan wave right after I buy a new (in age, not the way I bought it) Nissan Frontier :))

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  • Donut gives me hope that millennials are getting an education in 2020

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  • VQ is a light engine, and able to make good power. Better than 2JZ because it's lighter. ***Honda K-series enters chat*** What up weaker heavier bro?

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  • I feel like the vq38TT is really the creme de la creme of vq motors

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  • I’m on my second 03 maxima se, my first I spent a year bringing this car back from the dead from sitting under a tree. I replace ALOT. I spent numerous paychecks on it. I moved back to Florida and hydrolocked my engine threw my cold air intake in a flash flood. I bought the same car to transfer what I could to hang on to the idea of building a decent car. My question is the first one I bought this car and a previous owner removed the third car and straight piped it. I got rid of exhaust emptied my two cats left and dummy plugged the sensors. One hand it sounded incredible (I left the resonator on) on the other hand seemed like my timing was off. Does getting rid of your cats throw the timing off? And I’m thinking about straight piping and getting rid of third cat. Does anyone think that throws the timing off? Sincerely AmateurMotorhead

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  • A few silly mistakes in this video, i've noticed 3. The fundamentals are there, but just made a few mistakes, like a main cap girdle prevents main cap walk not crankwalk. Thrust bearing prevent crankwalk. Also, don't VQ's have a reputation for having really weak connecting rods. Boost goes in, rod goes out the side of the block.

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