MAZDA RX-7 - Everything You Need To Know (and SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT) | Up To Speed

20. Kol 2020.
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The RX-7--Mazdas front engine, rear wheel drive beast, is arguably one of the most iconic JDM sports car platforms of our time. From its wankel rotary roots, inspired by the Mazda Cosmo and RX-3, the FB, FC, and FD RX-7, have all shaken up the performance car world, and inspired automotive enthusiast circles globally. You can catch it on Forza, on motorsport reels of the past tearing up the IMSA circuit and 24 Hours of Lemans, racing down Mt. Tsukuba in Initial D--and you'll absolutely find the RX-7 racing through the Fast and Furious franchise. Join James Pumphrey as we trace the RX-7's roots, and answer the question--WHY did Mazda, stop making the RX-7?
Check out our podcast, Past Gas, to learn more about the rotary engine:
►Episode Chapters:
00:00 Introduction
06:04 The FB RX-7
09:40 ABFC
13:13 The Yellow One From The Cartoons
17:05 The RX-7 Legacy
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  • I just turned 16 and my first car is an 84 first gen I got the car 2 years ago when I spotted it in a field passing through Arizona on a trip I live in utah so I didn't think I'd see the car again well on another trip we had a trailer but no car so I went to the guys house turns out it had been sitting for 8 years it didn't have any interior not did he know what was wrong with it so I pitched him 500$ all of my savings at the time and he said yes so we loaded her up and back to utah it was for us. I got work instantly mind you at the time my only knowledge on cars was working on my dad's bugs and karmann Ghia but nothing like I was about to dive into come to find out the motor was junk the housings for the rotors were absolutely eaten up and rotted away I wasn't sure what to do but I had bought this car with my own money she was mine so I located a local junkyard and walked around it once or twice and I just happened to spot an 83 rx7 that had been side swiped when I asked about it, it was apparently garage kept until it was hit. I asked him if he had the keys he didn't so I drilled out the ignition and cranked her over with a screwdriver she ran I was super excited but I couldn't exactly work at 15 and I didn't have money to buy it so I offered to work everyday after school until I had payed it off he agreed for the next 6 months I would work at the junkyard after that I pulled the 12a out of the car took it home and opened it up this was the very first time I had ever torn apart a engine on my own and so the rebuild began (first of many attempts) after ordering all the parts I would need I put the motor together and I did just that, on my own. This proved to be problematic, a corner seal jumped out and got crushed ruining a housing so I took it back apart and had a machine shop assess the damage after ordering new seals and going through with another rebuild she's as good as new I bought a hoist and put the engine in the car last weekend I hope to have all the ends and ods tucked away within a week and the car running for the first time in 10 years she's been a long time coming but it's made me a better man and taught me everything I know about cars, values, and self sufficiency I've never worked so hard for something in my life I absolutely can't wait to drive her for the first time. future plans for the car include bc coilovers, getting the 8 point cage I have welded in, getting actual seat beackets for my bucket seats (depending on how far you scoot forward you rub on the trans tunnel luckily I'm 6'1)(passenger sits about 2-3 inches higher than driver so my tall friends dont fit) get my interior situated, buy harness and a new dashboard. I appreciate you for reading all the way through if you did, have an amazing rest of your day

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